A Watched Boil Never Pots

I got my first hate comment! I can't tell you how excited I am. It wasn't horribly hateful but I'll take what I can get. He commented on this post which I thought was pretty innocuous but apparently it was too critical of his sacred god of the Greens - Ralph "Big Loser" Nader. My critic, Sharpton, writes:

Only YOU could post an article that would find a way to slur the man who invented OSHA, the FDA, implement seat belt laws, clean air and water acts, and so on.

First of all Sharpton, I am truly flattered. Only ME? Secondly, he's just another socialist lefty. I don't care how many bloated government agencies he "invented."

Yeah, he CONS students into giving money. Sure.

Oh, he CONS students into giving him money, Sharpton. He CONNED me because I didn't know that every time I registered for classes I was giving that thief $3 for NJPIRG. I'll take partial responsibility because I should have bothered to find out what the hell NJPIRG was, but I thought it some New Jersey fee. I didn't know it was going to him. But, I shouldn't have to ask not to pay for something. If I want to pay for something, I'll let you know. But that's how this clown gets your money. If you had to make a donation like every other organization, he wouldn't make any money. So he just takes it from you.

How the hell did he work that scam with colleges. Oh, Nevermind. They're colleges. Stupid question. He should be in jail. Or at least severly beaten with one of his friggin' seatbelts.