Crash Into Me

We got about an inch of snow this morning. No big deal - except it's Virginia. That, and the temperature was about 30 degrees which means that the snow which melted on all the roads turned to ice. This resulted in approximately 70 accidents on route 264.

It took me an hour and a half to get to work. I was in first gear for an hour and twenty-seven minutes of it. I averaged about 7 MPH on my journey. Crippled children were passing me.

But the good news is, the local weather guys, who are wrong approximately 69% of the time, have predicted "significant accumulation" for Friday. So I am predicting that Friday morning, instead of sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on the interstate, I will be sitting in front of a fire with sweet Alice sipping brandy-laced, gourmet coffee. Right, Al?

Also, I am wearing my lucky black Ricky Martin sweater. I'm living la vida dorka!


I'm back at work. There is still snow covering our street but the main and "secondary" roads are clear. It's also frigid here.

I got made fun of because I missed work yesterday. Most of the snow accumulations were south, by the beach and into North Carolina. My company is in Norfolk and they didn't get much. I was awarded the Sensitive Kitten Paws award for calling in for 1/4 inch of snow. We got about 6 inches but no one believes me. Oh, well. Make fun all you want, I was stting in front of a fire and you idiots were working.

My wife didn't like any of my posts yesterday. She just skims everything and then rolls her eyes. If she hates a post then I feel like I accomplished what I wanted. You have to understand - she lives with me and has for eleven years so she knows what an idiot I am. She's pretty amused that I am now sharing my idiocy with the world (the world defined as the 13 people who come here everyday).

Speaking of you 13 people, I made three sales yesterday. All purchases were made by me. So, thanks a lot, ya cheap bastards. I lost money yesterday.

Way to insult potential customers, Jackass!

Right. Scratch that last paragraph. You're all wonderful and you'll be even more wonderful wearing one of my t-shirts or thongs. Alright, enough with the store.

Oh, one more thing. Rachel has agreed to do the store logo. Thanks, dearest Rachel.