Not That You Care

I haven't written much about the new house (I'm sure you were sick of hearing about it) but that's because nothing much has been going on. Pretty much everything's ready to go and all we have to do is close.

Cutesy fun fact: We close on Valentine's Day. Everybody all at once - Ahhhh!!!

We're about to bathe Meaty. His wound is healing incredibly well. You can't even see the wound anymore. It is confined to under his arm. That might take a while to heal because it doesn't get a lot of air and the meat just keeps rubbing together, being tenderized, if you will. I really think he'd be delicious. It's hard not to look at him without thinking of roast beef (or roast beast in Whoville). Sometimes I feel like one of those starving cartoon characters on a deserted island who keeps looking at his stranded buddy who then turns into a hotdog. My point is he's looking much better. Not so, uh, delicious.

And finally, I have been home for about an hour and a half and have not shaved my ass. And I have a really nice Henckel.


Alice is taking a nap so try to keep it down in here. Hang on...

I'm back. I just went in and touched her nose. She didn't wake up. How funny is that? She's exhausted with all the school closings. She barely works anymore so her stamina isn't what it used to be. Shhhh!! what did I just say! She's asleep!

Watch this...I just touched her nose again. And again. I'm touching her pee spot but she's not responding. No pee so far. Nope. She isn't going for it.

I'm dripping spit on her face but pulling it up real quick so she doesn't feel it. Oh! I just touched her nose with spit and she didn't feel it!! Holy Crap!

She won't wake up!

Fine, I'll go make a snowman by myself.