Bonfire Of The Insanities

As you probably know, I'm moving and consequently packing and throwing crap out. This weekend we put out some stuff for this charity to pick up including one black bookcase that we'd had for ten years and didn't want anymore. I get home the other day and everything's gone except the bookcase and a note from the charity stating that the only accept junk "in good working order." This bookcase was fine. The back required approximately one nail to fix it. This bookcase was good enough for us for ten years but apparently is not good enough for the poor. Needless to say, I'll never give to this charity again.

But that's not my point. We left the bookcase out for the garbagemen to take away. I get home last night and it's gone. Fine. Someone realized it only need a nail and took it away. Uh, not exactly. I just got a call from sweet Alice and here's what she said:

Her: You are not going to believe where our book case is.

Me: Where?

Her: Our sleazy nextdoor neighbors have it.

Me: So. They can have it.

Her: No, you don't understand. They're outside chopping it up for firewood. They already have half of it chopped up.

If you're wondering - these are the neighbors who pissed on our car. Now they have taken to stealing crates from the local supermarket, not to mention, bookcases from their neighbors curbs, and using it for firewood.

These people, if you can call them that, are the main reason we are moving. To call them scum would be a compliment.